Un tarsier aux philippines.

Our features

Tailor made travel experience

A very quick answer, usually within 24 hours

The Internet is a fabulous medium that continuously opens and generates new horizons, including the virtual abolition of distances. Thus, despite the oceans that separate us, we want to stay close to you, and to do this nothing better than a quick correspondence, generally we will answer you within 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours...

Original and truly tailored proposals

Behind the scenes of this website there are no big sophisticated machinery that automatically answer your request or your questions. Behind this screen there are simply lovers of the Philippines and travel (see who we are). We take into account your expectations to develop, in an artisanal way, a combination of all our knowledge of the country, in order to give birth to a circuit that resembles you, original and often unique.

As well as maximum flexibility on site

Once this joint preparatory work is completed, the key to the success of your on-site trip will rest on the shoulders of your guide. It takes many qualities to be a good guide according to our criteria, including: sensitivity to others, a sense of listening, and decision-making. All these personality traits, combined with an excellent knowledge of the field, give a rare skill: flexibility. This is essential for us... so your guide will be able to advise you and adapt your discoveries on the spot so that they are the reflection of your personality and your desires of the moment.