Enfant dormant dans un hamac auc Philippines.

Family trip with Philippines Autrement

You're planning to make a family trip to the Philippines but you worry about the travel conditions with children ?

All the answers to your questions are here...

Where to travel with your family in the Philippines?

Philippines Autrement recommend the islands of Cebu, Bohol and Negros where there are hospitals and beaches with little background and sandbars to play and swim safely.

Due to the lack of medical facilities in some areas, it is not advisable to travel with children under 3 years in other areas of the archipelago.

How Can Philippines Autrement help you organise your trip ?

  • Booking family and/or connected rooms
  • Adapting the route to avoid long trips
  • Choose activities according to the age of the children, while keeping quiet moments so that the pace is not too strong

Some ideas for activities and discoveries with children

  • Meeting with rural residents
  • Boat trips
  • Watching the seabed in masks and snorkels
  • Visit nature reserves to discover the famous tarsier, flying lemur and a rich diversity of flora
  • Small hikes to discover lakes, rivers, waterfalls, atmospheres and local life…

For your baby, what to take with you/ what do you find on the spot?

  • Bottled drinking water is sold everywhere but mineral water is scarce and expensive
  • Small jars are even rarer and more expensive
  • Powdered milk can be found at less than €5 per 450 gr box
  • Diapers and wipes are available at major supermarkets
  • Take medications and comfort products with you (Doliprane in syrup, Saline...)
  • The stroller is very convenient for use as a baby chair to sit in the restaurant
  • Mosquito repellents are not found that are suitable for the fragile skin of babies and children
  • Some hotels offer umbrella beds

And don’t forget total screen (60 and +), sunglasses, light clothes, and a hat!

What should we pay more attention to?

The risk of illness is no greater than anywhere else when you take all the simple but necessary precautions: give regular bottled water, peel fruits and vegetables or wash or wash them with drinking water.

For malaria, we really advise against treatment, which can be very harmful.

Be careful not to expose your child to the sun from 10 to 16h and respect his rhythm as soon as possible. For the practice of snorkel masks, wear a t-shirt or other water protection for the back, and coat the knees with sunscreen.

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