Vue depuis les montagnes aux Philippines.


Do i need a Visa to enter the Philippines?

Everyone needs a visa, but for the length of stay, it depends of your country of origin. Check the Philippines Visa website to learn more about procedures and visa durations for your country.

However foreign visitors who wish to travel to the Philippines must have a valid passport with a validity of six months beyond the expected stay in the country.

Other essential visitor visa requirements to enter the Philippines include having:

  • A return flight
  • Hotel or other accommodation reservation (at least a name)
  • Cash or a debit or credit card.

Don’t forget, your passport must be valid for more than 6 months after your return date. A free 30 days visa will be validated upon arrival by immigration. For a longer stay, it is better to take care of it in your country of origin before leaving.

What king of electric plugs and power is used ?

220V, 60 Hz

Most hotels are now equipped with "international" sockets, but some establishments are still only provided with local sockets (American socket, 2 parallel flat plugs), an adapter may be necessary. Bring a torch or reading lamp, because few hotels have bedside lamps.

Electricity Outages may occur, most of the hotels have generators to overcome the situation.

Where i can get / change money ?

Money of the Philippines is the Philippines Peso.

For Information, today, 16 avril 2024 :

1 USD =

1 EUR =

  • You can get money upon arrival at any international airport
  • You will find money changers and ATM
  • The change rate at airports is not worst than other places (Otherwise, money changer and ATMs can be found in town and main touristic places)

Regarding the ATM, take note that local banks are charging 200 Pesos per withdrawal. Some banks don't allow more than 10 000 Pesos per withdrawal.

Most of the hotel accept payment by VISA or Mastercard, but it's always better to have a bit of cash on hand. Check on XE website to know the rate you are interested in.

Are the guides from Philippines?

Yes, our guides are from the Central Visayas region.

They all do speak fluent English.

The guides are therefore with our customers to facilitate access to the country, to its culture, to leisure activities, to organize transfers etc ... but they will also be able to fade away discreetly and let quietly enjoy the moments that we can live together. In no case they are to hinder the freedom of our customers.

What is the best time to travel to Philippines ?

An archipelago spread over more than 1000 km in length, the weather is very varied depending on whether you are in the north or in the south, and also varies according to the season and the islands. Four seasons are defined, but the country is not balanced in terms of rain and winds, regardless of the season.

The so-called dry period extends globally from March to early June, and is also the most touristic period, however it is beautiful during all months of the year, with temperatures ranging from 24 to 32 degrees on average by the sea. In the mountains, however, the temperature can fall below 10 degrees in the evening and at night.

The wettest period is between July and September, but the weather can be beautiful during this period. During this season, tropical storms form in the Pacific, leading to typhoons. This weather phenomenon occurs several times a year, without crossing the country, and does not affect the entire archipelago. The north (the island of Luzon) is the most affected by winds and rain, the central Visayas being then relatively protected

What should I pack for the trip ?

We advise you to take light luggage, especially since you can easily have your laundry washed on site. However, we submit a short reminder list:

Medical treatments sun cream and after solar cream mosquito repellent or lotion light clothes whatever the season a sun hat light shoes and a pair of shoes for walking in the rainy season a lightweight backpack for excursions goggles and snorkels small flashlight your passport, your n° assistance and your plane tickets