Chocolate hills à Bohol.

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The island of Bohol, with an area of 4120 km2, offers a nice variation of landscapes and atmospheres. Surrounded by more than 70 islands or islets, it is discovered from East to West.

Two islands to discover around Bohol are Panglao and Cabilao. Two superb destinations complementary to each other, offering a multitude of terrestrial and aquatic discoveries.

The island of Panglao, joined to the island of bohol by two bridges, is one of the high tourist places of the archipelago. From here, it is easy to access many small islands around, where, between lunch on the beach and snorkeling, the island will reveal its enchanting secrets.

On the west coast of Bohol, almost forgotten at the time, Cabilao is a haven of peace. Sunrise or sunset, both are possible in the same day, interspersed with snorkel mask, massages, and small walks around the island. Highly appreciated by divers due to the quality of the seabed.

carte de bohol.
Plage à Bohol.
Rivière dans la jungle à Bohol.
Paysage de campagne à Bohol.
Jeune maman et son enfant à Bohol, Philippines.
Paysage de campagne à Bohol.
Les Tarsier de Bohol
Les chocolate hills de Bohol
Anda beach à Bohol.
Anda beach à Bohol.
Excursion à Lamanok, Anda, Bohol
Coucher de soleil depuis l'hotel à Bohol.

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