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The island of Cebu, 4,950 km2 in length, is surrounded by more than 160 small islands or islets, the most famous of which are Mactan (where Cebu International Airport is located), Olango, Bantayan, Malapascua, the Camotes and Sumilon.

Cebu City, the second largest economic city in the country, is located in the East Center of the island, allowing you to reach the north or south in less than 4 hours, to access the surrounding islands.

However, the island offers many things to discover. Depending on the location of the coast, small beaches of white sand follow one another between two granitic seaside and mangroves…

Earthly discoveries with charming waterfalls, an exuberant tropical jungle, rice fields and local life, then marine, between webbed hiking on coral bottoms of qualities where evolve many colorful fishes and turtles and boat ride along the coast.

carte de Cebu.
Cascades à cebu.
Cascades à cebu.
Campagne à cebu.
Bufle à cebu.
Plage à cebu.
Plage à cebu.
Vue depuis les montagnes à cebu.
Église à cebu.

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